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A little wistful

August 31, 2010

Chers Amis,

Pippin and I are back to school.  Actually we are just starting our third week of 4th grade. He likes to say 5th because virtually all his books say 5, but I am hanging on to every day so it is 4th period!  Why so insistent on the “4”? Because I am feeling a bit wistful right now.  I watched a friend’s children for her yesterday and it made me miss having my girls little and around me.  My friend’s middle daughter was eight and was fascinated with all the nature in our yard.  She longed to spend the afternoon wandering our petit corner of woods searching for toads, lizards, and any other living creatures I could help her find.  It made me misty.  Caddie is like that, she still is, but she is no longer eight and she is no longer holding my hand dragging me through the yard everyday to show me her latest fungal find.   Don’t get me wrong, she STILL does pull me by the hand and I follow willingly. But right now at 11:27 am on this Tuesday morning, she is in an excellent class at an excellent school – maybe even 8th grade science – but not here.  And I am all teary because…well, because the male green darner dragonfly (Anax junius) that glittered so brightly yesterday would have been so much better with Caddie’s hand in mine and her hand is getting bigger – and farther away.  Sorry.  Sometimes Tuesdays are just hard.


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