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Let the kitchen remodel begin!

June 7, 2010

Chers Amis,

School is out and our kitchen remodel has switched into high gear. (Every time I write remodel I want to write remoodle, weird!) Dh and I finally decided to use a contractor for our kitchen design and installation. Boy, was that a crazy night when we signed the contract and wrote that not so little check for cabinets – hand still shaking.  We chose to use a contractor to oversee the bulk of the work since it involved opening the doorway from the kitchen to the dining room several feet through a load bearing wall and removing the coat closet and the wall to the pantry. We do have to keep the “problem” area of th e chase that holds all the venting from our heater, but we are moving our refrigerator to the back wall of the pantry and adding floor to ceiling cabinets that will be flush with the chase wall.  We thought about cladding the chase with faux cabinet doors and paneling, but that was beyond our current budget so we will either leave it painted with or put bead board paneling up partway  We shall see.

They are also going to remove my ugly textured ceiling and add recessed lighting.  Don’t think we aren’t going to get our hands dirty. Can you say demo, trim, wainscotting, painting, and back splash?  DH’s  and My job is to demo the cabinets and strip the wall paper. I have been removing EVERYTHING from my current cabinets as they will be coming Wednesday to tear out the walls. Hooray!  I will try to scan the drawings of what the kitchen will look like and keep you posted on the transformation.  I have some fabulous stories of Craigslist deals we happened upon, but I need to get busy!


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