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I need professional help, do you?

May 21, 2010

Chers Amis,

My short answer to that loaded question is YES.

Since DH and I have a very limited budget for our remodel of notre moulin, we have had to constantly weigh the benefit of DIY and seeking professional help (for the house, not our sanity, that is long gone 🙂 .) DH is an awesome Corporate Controller (accountant), but anything that involves heavy duty plumbing or excavation, like installing a sewage ejector pump in the basement or filling in a 15ft sinkhole,  electricity, a la installation of a new breaker for the dryer and new outlets/lighting, or serious carpentry/painting on the house requiring a 40+ foot ladder, should be left to professionals.

Unfortunately some professionals are better than others and some come with a hidden agenda or less than pristine scruples. That is why I want to give a 5 star approval shout out to a few of the companies we have used and loved.  (No, I am not receiving any compensation for my kudos.)I also wanted to share a useful resource for locating excellent companies in your own area  Home  This is an independent research firm for home repair/service companies. I received their free publication a few years ago in the mail and tucked it away.  They base their recommendations on actual results and feedback from real customers. They do not take any paid advertising. But how good are their picks?

Excellent, based on my personal experience. I have used several of  Home Reports’ top picks over the years without knowing about Home Reports and I concur with their findings. For example, when our gutters gave way 5 years ago, I did a ton of research and found a good company, Gutter Perfection, Inc., they did super work and followed through 5 years later when the leaves clogged the top gutters up again.  Flipping through Home Reports I see that they are one of the top picks. So is the company that re-did our back deck last summer and just recently did all the carpentry, repair, and painting of our house, Verge and Associates.  I cannot say enough good about Verge, the owner, the service, and the quality.  Awesome! (I wish they did kitchens too.) I found them through church and a homeschooling loop, but there they were in Home Reports as a top pick in the Atlanta area. Finally, we found the company we used for our gorgeous new (faux) carriage garage doors, All Four Seasons Garage Doors, Inc. through our Church bulletin (yes, people do use those) and voila! They are the Home Reports top pick.  The doors looks SO good and the gentlemen who put them in were professional and pleasant (even when I had an unrelated home remodel melt down while they were here. Thanks, guys 🙂

So, now when I am looking for a service company I really do refer to Home Reports and see it as a valid resource. You might give it a try for your area to see if any of the companies you have used pop up as a top pick

–Marjorie (who is still trying to figure out her kitchen conundrum)

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  1. May 25, 2010 8:13 pm

    i think if we are all honest we all could use more help.:)
    Thanks f or the post.

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