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Temperaments and walkways

May 10, 2010

Chers Amis,

Do you know what temperament God gave you? Here is is a PDF from the Sophia Institute with an overview of the personalities and a test you can take.  temperament Very fun! What does this have to do with anything house related?  Everything, you’ll see.  I am by nature a meloncholy/choleric.

“Because of their tendency to reflect on and to weigh every pro
and con, melancholics can appear to be irresolute and indecisive.

They may spend too much time on planning and preparing,
and too little time putting their plans into action.”

I could spend forever researching and learning and striving to be perfect.  My beloved dh however is a choleric/sanguine (the very best combo in my mind). Goal driven, gets things done, loving and fun. What is better than that?

“Enthusiasm, energy, intelligence, and a strong will combine to make the choleric temperament a classic go-getter. Whether at home or on the job, the choleric will take charge and get many things accomplished in a short time.”

That is why I spent my week reading about how to install both dry and morter set brick and stone walkways, visiting a brickyard, getting samples, and arranging for several experts to come out and give me an estimate.  Dh got up Saturday morning, went to a class on building a dry set stone walk way and came home with this:

2 tons crushed stone base

.6 tons Crab Orchard Rubble strips brown tones

2 tons granite sand

2 tons Crab Orchard Thick flagstones, brown tones

and a brick hammer.

That ladies and gents is the difference between a melancholic and a choleric doing a remod 🙂 What temperament did God give you?


PS – all stone to arrive chez nous Thursday.  Rain arrives Saturday.  Pooh!

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