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It’s Gone! Hooray!!

April 20, 2010

Chers Amis,

This is one of those posts that is probably only of interest to me, documenting one of those small victories or milestones in our remodeling adventures-   the departure of the 30-yard waste container.  The black behemoth had been crouched before our garage since the morning after our sinkhole discovery – over a month ago.  We filled it with yard waste, the front hollies, old screens, two old garage doors, refuse from the shed, debris from the carpentry on the house, and all the odds and ends of lumber from Dh’s shutter project (now completed!).  I am SO relieved that it is gone.

Honestly, I was very worried that the company would not be able to pick it up as the gentleman that did our driveway MOVED the empty container to allow their dump trucks to reach the sinkhole. (Four loads, count ’em!) When the dumpster guy showed up this morning he was aghast that they had put it so far to the right because to pick it up he has to back up to the container straight on and there was NO way to back up to it due to the shape of our drive and the strategic location of our prize Japanese Maple.  After much manuevering and praying (on my part) he was able to wrap a cable around the end of the container and pull it 3-4 feet to the left and 5 ft up the drive so he could pick it up.  Big sigh of relief.  Ok, enough from me. Time for school to start.  Another big happy sigh. Keep your diamonds and jewels, the big bad dumpster is gone and my gorgeous tree is entact.  I am a happy woman! Thank you, Jesus!


PS – they are pressure cleaning the house today and painting Thursday 🙂

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