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Another vote for Gray Blue

April 14, 2010

Chers Amis,

Dh is still hip on th e idea of a blue-gray cottage with a red door.  Look what I got in the mail yesterday.  The newest issue of my favorite magazine.  Notice the color scheme.  I had to laugh.  Dh does not think the SW Wallstreet looks blue.  Hello!!?? Looks blue to Caddie,

Scarlett and I.  We are starting to warm to the blue cottage idea.  I actually am very partial to blue grey. Here is a picture I found online of a pillow made from my drapery fabric Abruzzo Federal Blue. I never did post pictures of the living  room. Here is an old picture taken impromptu before we installed new white mullioned windows and put up gold faux silk panels..

I should post the “before”.  Big difference!   The room looks much better now but we still have a lot of work to do. It looks a bit more formal than I am, but since I made the curtains and pillows I had to go with a pattern I could make and these fit the bill.  I love that the pillows with the Moorish print are reversible too! Dh and I plan to paint all the trim white and remove the old trim around the entry way and add something with a bit more weight and style. Un de ces jours…


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