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Potential from leftovers

April 12, 2010

Chers Amis,

What do you see here?  Old red shutters?  Mais non! Think bedroom.  Need another clue?  Now add last summer”s addition of bead board to our front porch ceiling. See the leftovers? Can you imagine my latest project  now? That’s right!  Headboards for the Caddie and Scarlett’s newly redone bedroom!

The minute Dh removed the old shutters from the side of the house I immediately started measuring them.  I had seen a DIY project online where someone transformed cabinet doors into twin bed headboards.  I knew potential when I saw it. Each shutter is 55″ x 12 and I had four shutters. Hmm.  I figured that if I had dh remove the center batten and cut each shutter in half lengthwise I could connect three of the halves (follow me…) spacing them 3″ apart.  That gives me a rectangle 27.5″ x 42″.

The next step will be to cut a panel of the leftover beadboard to that same size and attach it to the flat side of the shutters. (I’ve already sanded the batten side to remove all possible splinters.) Add a little trim, paint a glossy white and voila!  Dh thought I was crazy until he saw the perfect pre-primed 7″ baseboard and corner blocks I found at the Depot and the beautiful floral wooden decoration Scarlett spotted.  Now he knows I am folle – but on to something! What can he say? Anything I come up with is less drastic than tearing up the front walk and removing the hollies on a whim!  Stay posted this week, I hope to have pictures of the ‘during’ if not the final reveal! That may have to wait until the weekend.


PS – I got the girls’ room painted last week. Gorgeous!  All that remains is to paint the trim around the doorway and closet.  Bye bye, pepto-bismol pink and acid lemon yellow!

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