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Progress is a relative term

April 8, 2010

Chers Amis,

How did it get to be Thursday?  And April. Not to be negative, but I have stopped counting weeks.  It is sort of like with new babies; you base their age on how many weeks old the are up to a certain point and then you switch to months. I am at the months point with le moulin. Progress is being made, slowly but surely.  The carpentry on the house is finished.  Don’t you like the new woodpecker hole- free chimney?  Now we just need to  pick a paint color. Blue gray, gray-green…. Hmm. My second favorite carpenter 🙂 has finished shutters for 6 of the 8 windows.  They just await paint and hardware. The painters will put them up for us.  Yay!

Caddie and Scarlett’s room is still in process.  They have picked colors – a soft fresh green for the bottom, white for the trim and chair rail and  very airy light, light blue for the upper walls. I did the first coat of primer on the navy blue chair rail and it looks better already.  We haven’t painted the girls’ room for at least 10 years and it is still in Technicolor pink and yellow.  It will be lovely when we get done. I get done. This is the first time I have actually painted a room all by myself.  DH and I have always painted together and he is blessedly in charge. Now I am chief brush washer so I had better get busy.


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