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A Little Inspiration in the midst of chaos

April 5, 2010

Chers Amis,

I hope you all had a blessed and “Hoppy” Easter.  We had a very quiet, laid back day after  the glory of an early morning Easter Mass at our parish. Very little work was done besides hiding and finding candy-filled eggs and preparing, consuming, and enjoying braised lamb with rosemary,  olives and potatoes for Easter Dinner.  We finally had splendid weather. Hooray!

It is spring break this week but we will be busy.  Dh and I are still trying to finish building the new shutters (I have a DIY shutters post coming soon), picking paint, cleaning up the ravaged yard, and planning the kitchen.The focus right ow is on the exterior.  We have new garage doors and the painter has finished the reconstructive carpentry.  The hold up – paint color.  We had to decide what we really want the house to look like when we are done.  Personally, I love the old  homes you find in France and there is a particular house in Luz St. Sauveur that holds a special place in my heart. 🙂 Alors, wouldn’t it be lovely if we actually had a quaint stone cottage that looked at least a touch francais – mais non. We have a very traditional “Colonial Revival” with very little architectural detail and no front walk (thanks to dh and the bulldozer– so we will have to invent a bit of our own with shutters, window flower boxes, a touch of Victorian gingerbread for the front porch (SP301), fresh paint,  and a new brick walkway.

With all the mess and the multitude of decisions to be made, it helps me to have a little inspiration, a collection of photos that remind me what we are trying to accomplish and to aid our choi ces. Case in point – paint for le moulin. I found a gray green that I really like, but DH has his heart set on a deep gray blue (SW Wall Street) with white trim.  OK.? pause.  Search for inspiring pictures. Sigh. Much better.  I can live with that.  (DH still wants black shutters, I am lobbying for charcoal gray. On verra…)

In addition to your basic G*ggle image search for inpiration, I highly suggest Have you been on Houzz yet? It is an amazing (free) data base of photos of homes,exteriors, rooms, etc. that can be searched by room, style, location, and a multitude of tags.  The best part is that you can create your own free ideabooks where you can file any picture and make comments on it to remind you what you liked about it.  I have books  for the kitchen, dining room, and exterior.  Very fun and useful.

Did I mention that it is spring break and that we are repainting the girls’ room?  I know, I  am crazy , but once it is this disordered and discombobulated, what is a little more mess?  We haven’t painted their room since Caddie moved into her “big girl room” 12 years ago! It is still bright pink, yellow and navy blue.  Eww!  We are off to Home Depot to pick up drop clothes and paint.  And sanity, if they have any in stock.


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