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Week Seven: Sinkholes, budgets, and timelines

March 22, 2010

Chers Amis,

Phew!  The monstrous sinkhole is gone, filled in with 4 loads from the dump truck – one of huge concrete chunks plus our own front walkway, and three loads of fill dirt.  The grading guy spread and compacted the earth finally bringing the depression up to the grade of the surrounding land.  Thank goodness we did not have grass or a manicured garden adjacent to the hole  as the sludge/slurry was so thick at the bottom that even the heavy duty “trash pump” we had to rent EXTRA from HDpt could not do the job.  In the end, the only way to remove the mud/water was to bail it out with the extractor and spread it over the yard. Along with the tree trash.  Some of the sludge was returned to the ground mixed with the new clean dirt, but not much as it could not be compacted properly and would have resulted in yet another sink hole.

The tree trash was deposited in the 30 yarder – the construction dumpster I had to rent to the tune of $375.  Add that to an additional day of equipment plus the rental of the pump, and this little project put us $1200 over budget. This was unavoidable, but still painful.  We had planned to rent a container fu7rther along in the remodel to dispose of the carpet in the dining room, linoleum in the kitchen, possible drywall debris, and general purging.  We do not want to have to pay for a container twice so we may end up demoing much of the interior early.  If life hands you lemons – you know the drill.  I have to laugh because God sure has a sense of humor.  He knows that there are a few things I hate – chaos and mess being high on the list .  I am thankful that the first successful project this year was the installation of a new washer and dryer in the basement.  Gather ye roses where and when ye can and watch out for lemons 🙂


PS – Tomorrow morning we have another long overdue project planned 🙂 Without mud, I hope.

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