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Week 6: Destruction and Mud

March 18, 2010

Chers Amis,

Oh, my goodness!  The changes have begun and right now they remind me of a muddy version of a landscape by Dante.  I can’t find my camera cable to download right now but suffice to say it is significant.  We finally decided on a company to grade our driveway and add new gravel.  A tangential  aspect of this was a sunken area of ground adjacent to our concrete driveway pad by the garage.  Everyone who saw it said it was probably a trash hole left by the original contractor.  Builders will dig a deep hole and fill it with trash from the site, wood, tree trunks, stumps, limbs, aluminum siding etc. and then cover it up with dirt.  It remains hidden for a good long time until the organic mater begins to decay and the soil steadily sinks.  Thus the name sink hole. It is also a hole into which home owners pour significant cash to remove and rehabilitate.  Sigh.

Dh came home at lunch to oversee the excavation of the area.  No one was expecting so much debris or the FLOOD of water that immediately filled said hole.  Apparently the ground is so water logged after our recent rains that once there was a void water leeched out of the soil and into the hole.  The short version – two pumps (neither of which did the job), one trip to Home Depot, and the ordering of a 30-yard trash container later we had no sunlight, a big deep wet hole and what looked like earth ‘vomit’ all over our yard.  It is a bit like a landscaping root canal.  It will get better, but it is painful and ugly right now.

Oh, and dh also decided to have the grading guy remove the holly bushes in front of our garage and pull up all the concrete of our front walk. Pretty.  I feel like Scarlet, fist full of Georgia Clay, declaring resolutely, ” After all, tomorrow is another day. ”  It’s tomorrow. Wish me well.

–Marjorie (who does not have time to edit so please forgive my muddy mess.  The container guy should be here any minute and I have to make sure he doesn’t put it in the wrong place.)

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  1. March 20, 2010 11:03 am

    I know it’s painful now, but one day – voilla – it will be lovely. Congratulations on getting started!! ps: I learned the French lingo on my recent pilgrimage. 🙂

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