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Week 4: What if?

March 1, 2010

Chers Amis,

Just when I was starting to get my design bearings and a little traction re vendors – BAM!  A friend of my dh’s from Pippin’s cub scouts came over Sunday to look at our space.  Currently he is in real estate, but he has a degree in Architecture and has been a custom home builder for years.  Right off the bat, he  told us to take out the non-load bearing wall behind our range, close up the existing door to the dining room, and open French doors from the kitchen to the dining room. This would give us room for an island and smash that whole galley kitchen we hate.

Ok, time to re-think the whole project and start thinking about pulling out that sledge hammer and taking out walls. Robert R. made the whole thing sound so easy. I know that this is not necessarily true but I would love to open up the room to let the natural light in.  Now I am back to square one and am looking for  someone who could do the kitchen design to code without charging an arm and a leg or trying to sell me cabinets. Have you ever taken out a wall? Any idea on who to call?

Here is a great link to the  blog One Project Closer talking about which walls to take out and considerations to make before going wild.  Also, be sure to visit Remodling Guy at if you have any plans to remodel.  He is a treasure trove of information and answers questions.  Here is a link to his answer to my inquiry about putting hardwood in my kitchen/dining room and what to do first.  He is a gem!  I will be linking a lot to his blog as it has so much worthy content.  I just wish he lived in the Atlanta area and I would have him over to take a look at our project!

Progress is being made here, the electrician and the plumber are expected to do all the work for the downstairs laundry room and the washer and dryer are going DOWNSTAIRS Saturday. I hope. The garage doors should be in by week’s end and the painter is on board to stain the house as soon as it heats up enough and I can figure out what color we are going with. On verra!


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