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Week 3: Kitchen design and cabinet shock

February 24, 2010

Chers Amis,

Last Saturday DH and I had an appointment with the kitchen design team at Lowes to see what they had ‘cooked up’ for us.  I should back up a bit. Over the years as we drempt of  redoing our 1977 kitchen we have really struggled to imagine how we could reconfigure the galley design.  Sometimes it feels more like a hallway from the garage to the living room or a passage from the dining room to the back deck or basement – especially when kids and dogs are running amok. The problem is that the sink, fridge, and dishwasher are in a line along the exterior wall and the range and remaining cabinets are immediately opposite.  The other walls are nearly covered with doors – 5 in all.

I decided to go to Lowes and work with one of their NKBA (National Kitchen and Bath Association) certified designers.  He came to the house, asked me a long series of questions on what I use my kitchen for, my ideas, needs, goals, etc. and took extensive measurements and photos – and a check for $75.  With those tools he came up with a very nice design for the kitchen that would add a small penninsula off the range wall that would give me increased work space, storage, and room for two or three stools where the kids could sit and talk/eat.  We loved it.  We did not love the price of the cabinetry!  It was at least $3000 more than my top mental number – the one I could live with but would give me a nosebleed.  Ouch.

I am frugal by nature.  OK, I HATE spending money. H-A-T-E it. As much as I know we need to do this work on the house to preserve its value, it is veritably penitential for me, especially when I see all the suffering that is going on with people I know and love. It makes me feel bad to be thinking about worldly things.  My sisters and DH remind me that there is no virtue in watching a house crumble. Sigh. But, when Mr. Lowes gave me his total I blanched and immediately thought about plan B. And C. And D. And that is where I am today.  It is very promising and I’ll share some great resources with you tomorrow!


PS –  I didn’t even try to picnik the picture of my kitchen. Don’t you love the original wallpaper and cabinets?  I particularly like the area Pippin ripped out of the wallpaper when he was 2.  Doesn’t it look like the Grinch in profile!  The textured ceiling is great too.  Ok, needs work.

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