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A Touch of Blue – Keeping busy

July 1, 2009

curtainsChers Amis,

How are you all doing in this heat? I have been staying busy in the garden during the mornings and in the basement in the afternoons. Add to that overseeing the deck re-do, researching kitchen cabinet painting how-to, and putting the final touches on these pillows for this room.  AS you can see I went with a blue and not the gold print for the valances. Much cheaper, nice color.  I still have to make the Moorish print pillows to tie it all together.  Busy, busy!

Finishing the living room is high on my project list.  I found this gorgeous Delf blue faux silk with an embroidered pattern on 40% off.  The embroidered ‘arabesque medallion’ matches the shape form the Moorish print.  Hooray! The yummy trim was 25% off + another 15%.  That is my kind of shopping.  In the end the valances will have been @$35-$40 or so each.  Not bad for custom work and I will have plenty of fabric and trim left for a throw pillow or two.  I really love the material and I think I could actually use it for a skirt! So if any of you local ladies see me wearing Delft blue, please do not yell ‘curtain comments :-)’ or start singing songs from ‘The Sound of Music”! (Do you remember Frauline Maria made the children play clothes with the curtains. La!)


PS – If any of you is good with setting thread tension, let me know please!

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  1. July 8, 2009 6:26 am

    Oh Marjorie! The fabric is just gorgeous and I love that trim…so rich! I can’t wait to see the finished product! You make me laugh with your Maria remarks! I sew some…but mostly just easy stuff any more. I made a few curtain panels and a valence or two when we bought our current house, but none of my fabrics were as luxurious as yous, so I probably don’t know anything about tension. Love it!!…Debbie

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