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Garden notes

June 22, 2009
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spider's breakfast

Chers Amis,

I have leaves in my hair and a garland of invasive vine winding up my arm.  I am polka dotted with mosquito ‘kisses’ despite the best defense DEET can offer. My neighbors have had to witness me playing tug-a-war with privet saplings while wearing moth-eaten gym clothes and Caddie’s fuchsia hair scrunchy.  Gardening isn’t pretty au moulin; it is more like a series of battles – root and sprout -versu- rake and hoe.  I am determined to trim, edge, mulch, plant, prune, and hack my yard into submission or at least some semblance of verdant order this summer.  We have been in this house for 3 kids and one dog AKA thirteen years and the green curtain advances steadily.  Sometimes it feels like that new show on the  History channel “Life After People”. So I have picked up my hedge trimmers, girded my loins and set off.

I can’t really call what I have been doing almost every weekday morning in June “gardening,” al though I have planted a good number of woodland regulars – ferns, hosta, crested iris, etc.  It is more like demolition.  Hacking through the underbrush, slicking through sweet gum thickets, and ever and always, pulling vines. Did I mention the poison ivy? Mais oui! I try to fill three wheelbarrows a day with my spoils. Today it was only two, but I put down three bales of pine straw and had to have a heart-to-nose discussion with notre chien who has become a bone stealer extraordinaire. Mid-bale I heard an angry canine ruckus from across the creek and saw L. loping back, new expensive bone in mouth – ça suffit! It is after 10:30 am and the heat index will be over 100 degrees today in ‘Hotlanta’ so I am coming in for a shower and une boisson fraiche.  Between my new look  “l’arbuste et vigne” and our meddlesome cur, I just hope our neighbors will forgive us!


PS – The picture above is from this morning and is of a barn spider that spun a web on our back deck last night. Caddie and Scarlett  discovered her before breakfast and decided that she must be hungry, so they caught a carpenter ant in my kitchen (quelle horreur!) and brought her a cruncy petit dejeuner.  You can see said ant neatly wrapped and being sampled  I think that given her location, she may be one of the little spiderlings I found hatching on the deck back in April. C’est toujour comme ca chez nous!

PPS – je regrette, no time to edit- the shower calls!

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