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Funkify your fotos

May 19, 2009

kayak cowboyChers Amis,

Do you ever wish you could jazz up your photos without having to master Adobe Photoshop? Here are two websites that allow you to upload and fancify and funkify your fotos for free and Be Be Funky helps you transform your photos into works of art by applying nine art techniques including: Warholizer, Charcolizer, Scribbler, Inkify, Stenciler, Starburst, Cartoonizer, Line Artopia, and Patriotic.  You can also change exposure, crop, rotate, and add fun frames, caption bubbles and other quirky effects.  Here is a picture of Pippin (above) that has been Warholizearches at Fort Pulaskid.

To the left  is a shot of the arches inside Ft. Pulaski from our trip to Tybee Island. I like how it looks like a woodblock print.  Very fun!  The other photo effect site I am really enjoying is, but that will have to wait for another post as I have to get back to administering the ITBS and I have too much to say about it’s capabilities and several photos to post to go with it. Later!


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  1. regan permalink
    May 21, 2009 8:36 am

    my kids are learning how to navigate picnick and photoshop in their photography class. i am hoping to learn a few things from them! although the other day my daughter mentioned that she liked “pure” pictures. ones that haven’t been messed with at all. yet she is quite often the one doing funny things to the camera to see what will happen! i do like the feature that will make them akin to a certain artist painting style.

  2. May 21, 2009 8:51 am

    That sounds like a very fun class! I would love to learn how to use Photoshop properly. I know there is a similar program online for free too. I just discovered Picnik a few weeks ago and find it very useful. I especially like the fact that it will link to your Picasa Albums for a seamless editing experience. Now I just need to do something with my photos other than post a few and uploading them to my computer. I made several Blurb books this year and was very pleased with them. They aren’t cheap, but by the time you pay for acid free albums, cut, paste, insert and annotate a traditional book it is about the same price as, the quality is excellent, and it take much less time. Plus, I can add all those funky fotos 🙂

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