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The Peace of Christ – Spiritual Exercises

May 12, 2009

ascensionwindowChers Amis,

Did you all have a marvelous Mother’s Day? Mine was quiet and relaxing coming on the heels of an even more peaceful and quiet triduum of Spiritual Exercises in North Georgia at the Carmel Retreat Center. Happy Sigh. Tired Sigh.  Renewed and refreCiborium 2shed sigh. If you ever have a chance to go on a silent weekend retreat please, please, please do not hesitate.Go. It is such a spiritual, mentally, emotionally, physically beneficial experience. It will make you a better wife, mother, and woman of faith. This was my 9th year going on retreat and it is new every time because it is all about you and your relationship with God, your path to Heaven, and how to live your life with holiness according His will and your state in life . Plain and simple, you and Christ for a weekend.  No interruptions. Heaven.

So, if you are in tCarmel Retreat Center 2he Atlanta, GA, AL, NC, TN, or SC area really consider the retreats at Carmel with the Atlanta Retreat Society.  There were ladies there this weekend from all over Georgia, North Carolina, Alabama, and Tennessee. The next Women’s Retreat will be June 5-7, 2009.  For more information The ARS Registration Coordinator is Cathy Luffman who can be reached at, I do not work for ARS!)

I have included a few pictures I took before the other ladies arrived.  I hate bumper to bumper traffic (what? and you live in the Atlanta Metro area, Marjorie?) so I left really early to avoid any major rush.  If ycarmelrearou have ever driven on the top-end perimeter you know that 285 towards 85N is horrendous from about 3-8 pm.  Since mass was at 7 in Hoschton, I decided to leave early enough to avoid losing all charity of thought and speech before I even reached Spaghetti Junction.  I also wanted to have a chance to stroll around the retreat center’s grounds and take a few pictures.

I Mary Mother of Godhad never brought a camera before because once we start it would detract from the whole reason for being in the beautiful setting. But this year I had plenty of time to sneak into the chapel, walk along the outdoor Stations of the Cross and listen to the birds calling. Unfortunately, was impossible to take a picture of the grace poured out or the love of God received by all. Trust me, it was abundant as were my prayers for all of you and your intentions.

— Marjorie

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  1. May 13, 2009 10:23 am

    envious sigh. i really need some of that grace poured out. i have heard those silent retreats are great. a friend recently went and encouraged me to go with her next time. i might just have to take her up on it! lovely pictures. thanks for sharing. that one of Mary is awesome. enjoy YOUR graces! 🙂

  2. May 13, 2009 12:00 pm

    Regan, do go with your friend next time if at all possible. I remember the first time I went I thought that is was a bit of a splurge for just me (I am terribly frugal!) but it was so beneficial for the whole family. Every year I identify a virtue I need to work on and write a concrete list of 6-7 ways I can live that virtue with my husband, family, friends, parish, and faith through prayer, attitudes, and specific acts. It gives me a focus for the coming year. I REALLY need focus!

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