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Life is Good – Ideas for Mother’s Day Gifts

May 7, 2009

life-is-goodChers Amis,

Sunday is Mother’s Day.  Do you have plans?  Are you looking for ideas on what to do when your family asks what you would like or maybe you are looking for something for your own mom?  A few ideas came to mind the other afternoon as I was ensconced in my own motherly duties folding laundry mountains.  Here they are in no particular order. Feel free to comment and leave your own creatve solutions.  (Note to dh and chickadees – this is not a wish list!)

  1. Obedience – No, joke. Survey a group of mothers anywhere in the world and most would love prompt obedience from their children when they call more than almost any store bought gift. Handmade coupons for chores around the house are nice but doing what is asked RIGHT AWAY without complaining would be golden – and cheap.
  2. A Class – Does your mom have a hobby or talent she would love to learn more about or return to? Photography, web design, painting/drawing, gardening, dancing, quilting, cooking, writing, acting,   Perhaps there are upcoming classes or seminar at the community center, a museum, conference, etc. that she would enjoy. She won’t register for herself so do it for her!
  3. Quality Equipment/Supplies – If you can’t find a class, how about materials, i.e. film, filters, a tripod,  art supplies, an easel, cook book, software, bowl, shoes, gloves, seeds, etc. If you don’t know what she needs gift certificates are good.  Most moms will not purchase the better quality materials or gear for themselves because they see it as being self-indulgent so you will have to do it.  Men know that getting things done is all about having the right tools.  This holds true for moms, they are just too cheap.
  4. Off Base Pass – A day (not necessarily Mother’s Day) off where she is required to do something fun. Yes, FUN. Go to lunch with her friends (they can share the moment over a pitcher of sangria or tea at some ‘girlie’ restaurant that Dad would hate, Mom would love, and the kids would trash or disrupt. Or maybe tickets to a movie that fits the above description or go ahead and rent it for her. I suggested we rent “Babette’s Feast” and eyes rolled.
  5. Combo Pack – For extra points combine the Off Base Pass with a clean House. Send mom off on a fun afternoon and surprise her with a clean house.  (Hint – Saturday’s are perfect for this.)
  6. Family Photo – Have you all had a family portrait taken of late – a good one, not one with the time on the point and shoot or all in red and green with a tree in the background.  One of the things my husband loves most are the family portraits he has showing his mom and dad smiling together so young and vibrant. You will love it too in 40 years! Another idea is to pull together your favorite photos in a Blurb book (Click on photo above  of book cover for link).  I made my mother such a book for Christmas. Very fun!
  7. Practical luxury – Take a peek in Mom’s closet.  What does her bathrobe look like? Does she have NICE slippers? Is her favorite coffee cup cracked? Moms love beauty in the little things but will make due with whatever they have without complaining.  Maybe she loves a GOOD cup of coffee but buys Kroger brand, splurge a little on something that she will use everyday.  DH bought me a new mug for Christmas in 2007 and everytime I pick it up I think loving thoughts. Simple can be best.
  8. Magazines – These are not expensive and yet arrive every month like a new gift.  There are so many choices for every niche interest!
  9. An Experience – Take Mom somewhere she would enjoy, the Botanical Garden, an Art Exhibit, History Center, Museum, Park, Dog Show, Antique Market (w/o small children), Battlefield, hiking, or concert. Time spent together forms memories that can never be taken away.
  10. Letter – This is for adult moms.  Does your mom know why you love her? How she shaped you for the better? A few years ago as part of a Loveliness Fair, bloggers were challenged to write a post on this topic.  It was a wonderful exercise for both the daughters and their mothers.  Take the time to write your own mom a note, short or long, voicing your appreciation.  She will revisit it over and over. Remember, you can never say, “I love you, Mom” too many times.

–Marjorie ( who has no time to edit today 🙂

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