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FLL World – Day 17

April 17, 2009

legoChers Amis,on-the-lego-bench

Perhaps this post would better be called “April Downpour” because I took  a deluge of pictures at the FIRST 2009 World Championship in Atlanta today.  Teams from all over the planet converged, robots in hand (or crate for the larger models), for the FLL, FRC, and FTC robotics competitions.  Caddie and Scarlett FLL team competed in the First Lego League Climate Connections  Challenge in Georgia this year and made it as far as the state level.  Not bad for a rookie year. gears

Today was one of the final days of the World competition.   The leading FLL teams from nearly every state from the US and every continent competed in our very own ‘Hotlanta’, so we decided to spend the day touring the ‘pits’ ( the competing teams’ themed, decorated display tables), talking to the teams, and watching the matches in the Georgia Dome.  What a day!  We saw/met teams from France (de Nevers, Helene), Jordon, Saudi Ar


abia, Australia, Canada, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Peru, Taiwan, China, Haiti, Germany, Norway, the Netherlands, Spain (they had this excellent flag with

the Eucharist!), Turkey, Great Britain  and more.

How lucky we were to have just a short drive to get to the

competition, many of the international teams had traveled thousands of miles and memorized their presentations in English. Most were able to explain their research to the girls and loved describing their robot design.  Watching the rounds was fantastic too!img_1360

For a link to a video of a perfect FLL Climate Challenge round click here. I believe this is the British team we met.  It was a long day, dinner is not made (shh! don’t tell. I do have it planned and even thawed:-) so I had better run and put on those Donna Reed pearls and get cooking. . . HA! Not!

— Marjorie

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