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Cooper’s Carnage – the rest of the story

April 14, 2009

hawk Chers Amis,

This is the perpetrator of this morning’s carnage, Mr. Cooper Hawk.  (Sorry so blurry, blame the maxed out zoom.)We were eating breakfast this morning, talking about the wind storms we had yesterday that brought down showers of pine debris and several dead trees, when movement in the front yard caught my eye.

For the record I wear glasses (but not in pictures or at the breakfast table :-)) and am very farsighted.  All I could see was a grey shape on a fallen tree trunk amidst the overgrown English ivy.  At first I thought was one of our very aggressive and territorial grey squirrels, but it didn’t move like a squirrel.

Off I ran to the kitchen for my binoculars. Sure enough it was Mr. Cooper’s Hawk and his breakfast, a red bellied woodpecker. We watched him through the front windows as he tore the head and feathers from his quarry and feasted on the tender parts, scattering black and white spotted feathers and delicate scarlet  plums  partout.  After he flew off with the neatly plucked carcass we ran outside and discovered the grisly and poignant, feathery remains. Petit dejuner au moulin , c’est comme ca. And now you know the ‘rest of the story.’


PS – I am pretty certain it is a Cooper’s hawk, if you have any other ideas, please let me know!

PPS – I have noticed that Google reader ‘takes’ my first published version of a post and often I go back to make edits that are never picked up.  Reelly, me spel knot so baad al the thyme.

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