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Wren’s Nest – day 9

April 9, 2009

Chers Amis,

The Carolina Wrens are notorious for building nests almost anywhere, in hanging ferns, plastic shopping bags on hooks by the hot tub, even in dh’s extra bathing suit! This couple has chosen the extension cords at the entrance of the garage. We have been away from the house for the last two days and I have closed the garage door to avoid any ‘problems.’ This infuriates Caddie and Scarlett and I fear that if I close it again they will call PETA or the Humane Society! The wrens aren’t pleased either and have taken to sitting in the dogwoods scolding me. Tomorrow we will be home and the garage door will be wide open to the sunshine and wildlife, happy, everyone?


PS – No, the chipmunks are not welcome in the garage. The bird seed container in the corner is off limits no matter how large an ‘entry way’ the squirrels have chewed in the side!

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