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Lunatic Fringe

March 23, 2009

img_1210 Chers Amis,

It is spring and it seems all the world is quilting. I, however,  am set on finishing the throw pillows for our living room. We bought a new couch last September and I am still waiting for the fabric to come in to have our old couch recovered. I finally went with ‘jumper – bagel’ a light gold. I looked at the dark green and it did not work IRL.

One of these fresh spring days (hopefully before Pippin’s First Communion) the fabric store will call to tell me the Chinese have finished weaving, the steamer will have arrived, and the upholsterer will come and pick up our wounded, shredded Duncan Phyfe to be restored to respectability. Until then I have set my mind, sewing machine, and remaining sanity on making the throw pillows for said couch. Six to start.

I considered having the pillows made so I could enjoy the sunlight I see through my window, but only for about 5 seconds– about the time the sales lady told me there would be a cost of $60 PER PILLOW! That did not include fabric. Ahem. So here I am trying to channel Martha, contentedly tacking fringe around the edges of the ‘persimmon’ fabric while chiding myself for not buying 1/4 yard more. Zut! Frugality is costly, Ladies, be warned. In this case, it will result in no zippers and no easily removable pillow covers. So attention, kids and dogs, you may NOT get sick on the new pillows, please. Zippers ou non  they’ll look great quand meme — I hope 🙂


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