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A Great Kitchen Garden Planning Tool

March 17, 2009

Chers Amis,whatisaplantingmap_illo1

Every year about this time I get the itch to garden despite our deep (total) shade and drought. (Did I mention hard Georgia clay and humidity?) These days there is an added allure to kitchen gardening. The best I can do are three herb container gardens, but I know several families (on whose land sun falls) that have had great success with square foot raised bed gardens. If you are interested in starting  your own small plot, Gardener’s Supply has a FABULOUS and fun Kitchen Garden Planner that allows you to drop and drag icons for 30 different vegtables and herbs into a virtual 3’x6′ garden. The site allows you to arrange them as you like, learn about the needs of each plant, print your map, save your ideas , or even e-mail them to your favorite gardener.  It also automatically inserts the correct number of  plants for each 1′ square space.  For example, you can grow one broccoli plant/sq. foot vrs 4 cilantro plants in the same space.  This is what I learned about calendula from the site:



  • Sow seeds directly in the ground in early spring.
  • Spacing: 2 per square foot.
  • Re-plant any time you have a little space in the garden. Fast growing.
  • Days to bloom: 55 days from planting seeds
  • Hint: Pick off spent flowers to keep plant blooming

It is a lot of fun to play with even if the only kitchen garden you ever grow is in cyber space.


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  1. Priya permalink
    March 18, 2009 9:11 pm

    Love it. Funny, I was talking to my family this week about getting a sq. ft. kitchen garden going ourselves. Reading your post, I was feeling rather embarrassed at first that I had no idea what kind of kitchen garden edible Calendula was. Now, I think I understand it to be more of the admirable variety of plant and not for human consumption? Going off to check out the garden planner site. Thanks for the post on it!

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