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Mr. Popper’s Penguins go to the County Fair

March 4, 2009
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Chers Amis,

Last month’s junior book club’s book was Mr. Popper’s Penguins by Richard and Florence Atwater. One of the projects Pippin did was to write a story about the penguins having a new adventure in the style of the original. He decided to set his story at a county fair. I thought it was quite witty and wanted to share it.


One day, Mr. Popper’s penguins decided that they wanted to go to the county fair after hearing an advertisement on the radio, “Come to the County Fair. Tickets start at only 5 cents. See the new, amazing aquarium exhibit.” Captain Cook decided to rent a limo and take all the penguins to the fair. The man at the rental agency asked the penguins about who they were and what they wanted. They couldn’t answer him, but handed him the money for the car and said, “Gook.” He shot up a questioned look and took the money. The penguin waddled into the car and Captain Cook started driving. On the way there, Captain Cook ran through three red lights and nearly hit a pedestrian.

Once they had their tickets, the penguins got lost trying to find the aquarium and wandered into the cork gun booth where little boys were shooting corks at moving rubber duck targets. The boys thought the black and white “ducks” were worth 100 bonus points. Greta got shot in the eye and started pecking on the boys. The baby penguins, who were too little to see what was going on, ran around and jumped in the air for a better view. The boys thought they were Extra, Extra bonus points and tried shooting them in their tummies, but the penguins were too fast to be hit.

Once they got out of the booth, they saw the Ferris wheel. Captain Cook and Greta wanted to take a ride and left Victoria and the others below, telling them not to touch ANYTHING! The baby penguins wanted to play a trick and they spied the switch that turned the Ferris when on low, medium, high, extra high, and super high. When they were trying to turn the switch to High, they broke the switch. When they started seeing the Ferris wheel spinning really fast, they all ran in different directions. Now they were all lost. Captain Cook and Greta jumped out of their seats when the wheel reached almost to the ground and started looking for the others. Once they found all their babies, they followed the signs to the aquarium and swam with the fish. It was an exciting day!

The End

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