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Playing with Fabrics

February 28, 2009

Chers Amis,

I told you I had picked some fabrics for my living room. Yes and no. I still haven’t purchased them and I am waffling. I like the blue and coral Castille print for some pillows.  It looks very exotic and Moorish. For color I’ll use the persimmon with a fringe. I saw some nice dark blue silky fabric to pick up the navy as an accent.  I will probably recover my existing cornice boards with the topaz with the little persimmon and gold designs and add some cording.

The question, what to do my other couch in. Pillows can be changed out and the cornices will be pretty neutral. The couch will be permanent. Our other couch (dh picked) is a wheat/gold like the middle solid below. So, do I go with the light gold solid ‘daffodil’, the wheat/gold (not a perfect match to the other couch), or the aloe green to pick up on the green from the  Spanish look print? FYI, I love green and the tattered couch I am recovering (after 13 years, 3 kids and a dog) is green. I just don’t know. Our living room is very dark by nature, really – we have low ceilings and the house is surrounded by trees- it is dark. Would you go with the light gold or wheat or brave the aloe. Hmm. I need guidance. Pippin’s First Communion is coming the first weekend in May and I must have something together. Since I will be doing the pillows and maybe the cornic boards it will be tight. Help!


PS – this is a radical change from our yellow and blue floral!


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