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Keep on Trying: Small Successes

February 26, 2009

Chers Amis,

How can it be Thursday evening again and time to look back on the week with a positive eye? It really feels like Tuesday on my ‘accomplishment meter.’

Hmm. Ok, Marjorie, block out all thoughts of unfinished business (like tonight’s dinner!). Let’s see, small successes . . .

  1. I FINALLY (notice how often my small successes include that wordJ) deleted my Typepad blog. I loved it. I especially loved my lists of books with their icons from Amazon that so nicely decorated my sidebar. Buuuut, I felt guilty about spending $8.95/month when I am not a particularly prolific or steady blogger and often feel like I should be cleaning a closet and not writing. No more! WordPress is free, I was able to upload my old Typepad posts sans photos and I like the new ‘Vigilence’ theme. No more guilt.
  1. I downloaded our tax software and FINISHED our taxes. Of course my beloved accountant dh must review my work. I am, after all, an Archeo/Communications/French language nerd who barely survived Calculus 1. Numbers are not my thing.
  1. Drawing a blank here. . . I did manage to defuse an emotional crying melt- down of two tween-age daughters with a ridiculous allegory about a favorite (but abused) pair of odiferous sneakers, bad behavior, the differences between punishments and results, and the promise of new shoes. This was a major feat. No pun intended.

Check out Faith and Family Live! for a list of other small, but meaningful successes from the world of motherhood.


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