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Enter the deep freeze

February 2, 2009

Chers Amis,

A good friend of mine sent me this e-mail about her recent personal experience with identity theft.  She gave permission to share this in the hope it might prevent similar problems in your life. Thanks to her (and Clark Howard), I am now safe in the ‘protective custody’ of credit deep freeze. Sometimes it feels good to be ‘cold’. Join me.


“I just learned this week that I am now a victim of personal identity theft. This has come as a complete shock, because I am very very, very cautious as to who or where I give out my information, in particular my social security number. Unfortunately they have *all* my personal information including my socialsecurity.

Long story short while filing my report with the police officer yesterday he made a comment that this would not have happened if I had had my ‘credit frozen’. I chuckled and reminded him that I was a non-working SAHM. Freezing my credit was the last thing I would thought I had to worry about. Do you worry about this? He turned and told me that he did have all of his credit frozen and when he needed to apply for a loan he would have it thawed then he immediately goes and has it frozen again. He also highly recommended that my husband have his frozen too.

So the moral of this story is please please please go and have your credit frozen even if you think you are the least likely person to have your identity stolen. The best news is here in Georgia it only costs $3 per bureau and it will save you from unbelievable stress plus many other horrible feelings!!! Here is the best website for details on how to go about doing this simple act. My prayer will be that I can save at least one person from this horrible experience……”

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