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It’s all about the little things

January 23, 2009

Chers Amis,

Hooray! It’s Friday again. How was your week? Did you slay any dragons big or small? Danielle at Faith & Family Live has invited us as moms to recognize and appreciate all our small successes as a reminder that together they build our triumphs. I love that idea! So, get out digital pen and paper and make a list of three small successes from your week. If you want, you can link your post to Danielle’s – or you can just ponder them in your heart. Here are mine:

  1. I successfully extracted one image from a bad photo and posted it on a much nicer background using Adobe Photoshop 6. Now I can add it to my Dad’s overdue Blurb book!
  2. We did Morning Time every day this week with Rembrandt and Sandburg and added “Lunch time” with David MacCaulay’s fabulous Pyramid.
  3. I was able to create a new profile on Firefox so I would be able to access my e-mail and download again (and stop losing my charity and pulling my hair out.)

Sometimes it’s all about the little things.


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