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Exporting/Importing from Typepad

January 7, 2009

Chers Amis,

Just a quick note. I am still planning to switch from Typepad to WordPress. I really haven’t been posting from either platform lately. Seems like a one sentence status update on Facebook is about as much as I can muster. That said I did go ahead and export/import my content from Typepad to WordPress last weekend and it was very easy! The hard part will be deciding whether or not to re-insert the photos. They are the one casulty from the operation as they are currently hosted on Typepad and will be deleted once the account is terminated. Another minor nuisance will be dead links within posts i.e. links from post 1 to another post. Again, if I had time in my life to scan for them it would be easy enough to change them. Since this is a very small blog and noncommercial I am not going to ‘sweat the small stuff,’ but I do mention this in case anyone is considering making the move. There are some excellent tutorials online explaining how to import much larger and more complex sites to assure easy transfer of photos etc. I just don’t have time for that right now. I did want to try to ‘slurp’ my Typepad blog with Blurb,but currently it is not possible. The support desk at Blurb said they are updating their software and it should be possible to do so in early 2009. This would allow you to download your blog content to your computer using the free Blurb software and format it into a book which you can ‘publish’ at a future date. Since so many families blog to record memories, events, special occasions etc. it could be a good way to preserve them – if Blurb software gurus fix the problems. For now I am happy that I was able to import my data however bereft of pictures it may be in the future. Overall, I like WordPress. I do miss being able to design my site like I could with Typepade, have the book lists etc., but since both my time and $$ budgets are considerations, it is somewhat liberating. I don’t have to feel guilty if I can’t find the time to write and I won’t waste time fiddling with my header and sidebar colors 🙂


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