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Flameless Advent Wreath

December 19, 2008

Chers Amis,

I know it is already the third week of Advent, but I thought I would share a quick and easy project we made last year in case you are feeling crafty. This is our ‘flameless’ Advent wreath. It measures about 27″ x 24″, and hangs above our prayer area during this season of expectation. The kids wanted to have an Advent wreath in our school area, but I was really worried about open flames and small children. Not to be a total grinch, I designed a festive, risk free alternative with sparkly purple fabric which I sewed to a dark purple backing. I made it reversible so that I could use one side for Advent and the other for a Lenten design. (To date, the Lenten version has yet to materialize.)

For the candles, I purchased several sheets of purple and pink felt that was self-adhesive. Wonderful invention that stuff! I drew the candle shape on the felt sheets, cut them out, traced the edges in white glue, sprinkled them with glitter, and let dry. The flames were obviously just yellow and orange felt with a touch of glittery light. To assemble the hanging, I merely peeled the paper off the backs of the candles, pressed them in place, and hot glued short pieces of shoelace at the top of each candle for wicks. I then applied sticky Velcro dots to the backs of the flames and the purple background just above the wicks. This makes the ‘lighting’ of our wreath easy and kid friendly and would be especially good with toddlers and preschoolers. Voila, c’est tout!

Now that we have begun the final week before Christmas, each morning we unwrap one of our Altoid ‘O Antiphon boxes’ we made back in 2006, place it on the family shelf before the ‘wreath’ and welcome the day with these holy, ancient prayers. If you like Latin chant listen to these chanted O Atiphons and rejoice, it is almost Christmas!


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