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Coming up for air – Lego Robotic Overload

December 9, 2008

fight-the-biteChers Amis,
Deep breath. . . There has been silence au cyber moulin and productive chaos in real life. This coming Saturday our Lego Robotics team is headed to Qualifiers in Atlanta. Life has been ALL LEGOS (plus book club, piano, regular school, Christmas program, etc.) for the last 10 days. The kids are doing really well. Their research project and presentation are down solid. I just finished compiling their bibliography and list of experts they contacted – 5 pages.  Not bad.  The robot has been more problematic. Luckily, it is ONLY the kids who program and build. Coaches just make sure it is proceeding well and the ‘brick’ hasn’t fallen off the board. Dr. P is an unbelievable coach. I am the research coach and have gotten to know more about mosquitos and West Nile Virus via the girls than I would EVER have thought.  You know you homeschool when the three ‘tween’ girls you take to Emory University to meet with WNV researchers are ESTATIC about getting to set mosquito traps filled with a noxious, mosquito-attracting brew and could not care a smidge about Hannah Montana.  Got to love it!

For my part, I just finished wrestling 300 mini-magnets from my Xyron 900 to hand out at the pit during competition. (See left above for the design Scarlett made).  It was ugly. I almost cried, but was too frustrated. Tenacity won out even if I bungled the proper use of a magnetic cartridge.  Hint – do not separate the laminate from the magnet. Ever. Hint #2 – have a roll of adhesive/laminate on hand. You can run the paper through it and then stickit to the magnet surface. Cut, et voila!

Well, enough of that.  Got to run.


PS – any one on Facebook?  My YLS got me on.  Kind of fun 🙂

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  1. Kristin permalink
    December 9, 2008 4:14 pm

    Hey! I’m on facebook. I looked you up but couldn’t find you. Put in my name, with maiden (Ball) between first and last and you can find me. It is fun, huh!?

  2. juli koroly (mom) permalink
    December 9, 2008 10:27 pm

    I love the music ..what is it……mom

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