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E-moving to WordPress

November 4, 2008

Chers Amis,

I don't know how life unfurls chez vous, mais ici it is fast and furious and I have a terrible time finding a free moment to sit down and write.  But I want to and I will keep writing in fits and spurts.   Just not on Typepad I think.  If you know me at all, you know I really hate spending money – especially frivilously on moi.  Blogging is such an expense and I just can't see spending $8.95/mo on anything unnecessary when there are some excellent FREE options.  So I have been playing around online with both Blogger and WordPress – free blogging platforms. I think the last straw w/Typepad was my difficulty uploading and resizing my header.  I left it looking as it does to remind me that it is time to move.  I'll share a bit of my thought processes with you in case someone else is considering a NITB (not in the budget) e-move.

Where to go:   I really would like to move back to Blogger because there are fantastic online guides to fiddling with your CSS coding to allow you to change and customize every aspect of your template. I spent a good week tweeking my template before I happened upon a few issues.  Issue #1: you cannot import Typepad posts to Blogger so I would lose all my typepad info.  Issue#2 I really like writing my posts in Word 2007 and uploading directly to the blog.  This allows you to use the nifty image features in Word, clip art, word art etc. It also allows me to write posts offline, i.e. while the girls are in choir practice (our church is not a Wi-Fi hot spot:-).  Unfortunately Blogger only accepts text from Word 2007 and rejects pictures. You can go back and insert them separately, but time is my big problem.  Who among us has extra time? (If so, please share.)

So. . . I think I am going to try out WordPress.  It does allow you to import from Blogger and Typepad and also to post directly, text and pix, from Word 2007.  I like the 'page' feature too, but it is much less flexible and you cannot change the structure of the 'themes' i.e. sidebar width, color etc. w/o upgrading.  Even that at $15/year would be much cheaper, but I think I'll just settle in for the moment and accept the tight quarters and lack of a third column. They are hard to decorate anyway. Many of the WordPress set themes do allow you to add custom headers for no charge. I like that.  This was one of the things that kept me from just shifting to the cheaper $4.95/mo Typepad.  I like being able to add my own header.  But I will miss my Typepad sidebar booklists . . . . There is no perfect platform- unless you have both champagne tastes and champagne budgets.  I am going to keep this blog up for the rest of the month (its paid for) and start playing around at  It is up and I am transferring some favorite posts over there and adding pages.  It looks just like a new house with a few random boxes open and their contents scattered in the wrong rooms for now.  It will get better.  If you have a moment, leave a comment so I can see how that function works – and so I don't feel so lonely 🙂

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