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Time to unclutter and freshen up

July 31, 2008

Work in progress
Chers Amis,

It is time to pack up last year and start anew both in the school room and ici.  Warning – do not ‘try on’ a predifined theme and hit save unless you have a copy of your theme.  I tried a premade theme this morning and it copied over my own summer version.  I found this out when I tried to switch back.  My ‘summer 08’ is now Typepads green hammock.  Argh!  Well, I am stripping the typelist walls and will try to find a new image for my header because it was irritating even me.  Too much visual clutter!  I really want to try to start blogging more regularly too. If I am going to pay $8.95 a month (I feel guilty about this amount already) I darn well better write sometimes or go back to Blogger.  My DH bought me a laptop for my birthday which I have placed on my island on wheels.  It is always on, shifting from one side of the kitchen to avoid blocking the pantry or fridge depending on meal prep time. So now I can type a little, clean a little, type a little, cook a little . . . For now I must work on decluttering the remains of breakfast from the counters.  I hope the site will look much better in a few days.  If only my kitchen would follow suit!


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