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Tempus fugit

July 29, 2008

Chers Amis,

Doesn’t time seem to drift away like dandelion down on a wishing breeze.  Summer is winding down and the first day of school is on the horizon of my daytimer.  Plans are taking shape but I am not eager to let go of popsicle season, fireflies, and 8:30 sunsets.

I took this picture of Pippin on a hike just outside Boulder, CO on our vacation. It is one of my favorite pictures because for me it represents the ephermeral nature of time and childhood, while reminding me of a wonderful afternoon spent with my kidlets.  Sheets of  rain had scoured the Front Range that morning, hiding the mountains at times as we drove back from dropping my DH at the DIA terminal. I had wanted to spend the day on the Boulder mall, a place I adored as a child back when little girls could hop on a city bus by themselves and wander safely all alone for an afternoon through stores bursting with sweets and stickers. Sigh. Where did that era disappear to?

Inky skies sent us south to Eldorado Canyon State Park. My mother took my sisters and I on countless birdwatching-watercolor-nature walks in those hills, so it was fun to stop there with my kids to traipse about.

The two girls were overjoyed to find matching baby garter snakes by the bridge leading from the parking lot.  What girls wouldn’t be thrilled to find such a fine pair! Earlier in the week they had seen a rattler, which of course they did not attempt to pick up or even view up close.  As they say in Monte Python’s classic scene @ monster rabbits with ‘big giant teeth,’ “Run AWAYYYYY  Scarlett, always afraid of thunderstorms, kept watch on the slate blue clouds moving east over the mountains and the veil of rain falling on the mesas just to our left.  She kept testing the wind direction as we walked down along the river and wound up the hills, lecturing me on the types of clouds and the dangers they represented. Cummulonimbus=scary, serpents = cuddly.  Strange kids. Glorious day. Tempus fugit.


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