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Summer is . . .

June 19, 2008

 Chers Amis,Backstroke

 Summer is . . . cascades of roses over a lichen covered fence, hummingbird dogfights around the pink dogwood, cracking red Georgia Clay, ice cream for breakfast,  wet beach towels hung over the deck rail, and a snoring dog by my feet, exhausted by the heat.

The laRosesst two weeks have been consumed by swimming lessons and the drive to and fro.  Of course we could have taken lessons at the YMCA or the nearby subdivision pool but it wouldn't have been the same.  For the last three years we have made the trek southwest to 'Miss Cheryl's" for lessons.  (If you are local you know the place).  Miss Cheryl offers 45 minute lessons in a heated indoor pool off the beIMG_0301aten path surrounded by stables,  a playground, several brilliant (and feisty) macaws and lovely down-home Georgia views – oh! don't forget the three dogs and the roaming rooster. There is no barn full of kittens at the YMCA and no horses graze just outside the door at the fancy country club pool.  For my kids this is heaven – and they get to bound off the diving board and play Indiana Jones on the rope swing during free swim after a picnic and jaunt to visit Caddie wkitten
the horses.  Can they swim
now?  Well, Caddie and Scarlett can.  Pippin boasts that he swims, but don't believe him.  It may have been a long drive – and don't mention the price of gas – but if smiles are any indication, a good time was had by all!In the pool


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