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Crazy keyword search results

May 14, 2008

Chers Amis,

Guess what is the most often searched terms that lands people au moulin (other than the obvious title of the book)?  Any guesses?  Snakes in my basement? No. (I can hear you snickering, Helene :-). Gender identification on crayfish? nope. Why would a northern oriole tap at our windows? Purple tube sponge symmetry?  No again. is it against the law to take a birds nest out of a tree? Non.All of these terms have been used by poor internet searchers in the last week.  Searchers who only found themselves chez moi.  Je regrette.

The #1 keyword term over time is . . . eastern box turtle!  Which is perfect becau100_2044se it is box turtle season it seems.  The girls found two turtles just this weekend.  The first, a return visitor, Natalie
and #2 – the newly discovered Mr. Polka Dot.  He was located down by the
creek missing the claws on one foot and with a large nick in one scute.    We  keep our turtle log diligently and it is a special event when we discover a new visitor.  With the rain we have had lately and the creek replenished, we hope to find a new crop of fungi, salamanders and creepy crawlers to get to know better.  (And photograph!  Mr. Polka Dot arrived before my new camera.  Darn!)

If you keep finding the same type of creatures around your homestead this season, take a moment and try to find some defining feature so you can remember them for the next time.  Caddie has even discovered that toads have distinctive throat spots so now we have a good dozen identified/named toads.  It makes nature study all the more interesting and you never know, the next popular keyword search au moulin may be  toads I have known.


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