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A Visit from Our Lady

April 9, 2008

100_2029Chers Amis,

Back in December I posted about a beautiful devotion called Pilgrim Queen of the Family that is designed to honor our Blessed Mother, promote vocations and encourage family prayer.  To quote myself :-)- "Pilgrim Queen of the Family is similar to the Elijah cup in that an image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in a small table-top shrine visits
the homes of 5-10 participating families.  While she is visiting, the
family places the shrine in a prominent place in their home and commits
themselves to pray the Holy Rosary together as a family, to pray for
vocations, the Pope, the family and the Church.  After a predetermined
length of time (from 3-7 days) the shrine is passed to the next family
in the circle and Our Lady continues her pilgrimage."

Last week the shrine arrived at our house for the first time and it was so lovely I wanted to share it with you again and encourage you to take part. While we start our school day in prayer around our small altar and we say the grace at meals, the Angelus at noon,and sleepy bedtime prayers, we have never said a family rosary regularly.  I was excited when a friend suggested we start a Pilgrim Queen group.  I need those sacramentals, those concrete reminders of the supernatural dimension that surrounds and supports us.  I needed Mary to come to my home, as she did Elizabeth’s, to comfort and guide.  The kids were so excited when the shrine arrived and there was much fuss over how many candles to light and where she should be placed and how next time we would have flowers, maybe roses in bud vases and how we should plan a special meal.   

Was our five-day visit with our Lady perfect?  Not if you consider a squirmy 7 year old being squirmy during prayers.  But if you can see supernaturally and watch the candle light flicker like the light of Christ warming the room and hear the girls’ – and Pippin’s  – sweet voices praying the rosary together, meditating on the mysteries of Jesus’ life, it was perfection. 

— Marjorie

PS – If you are local and would like to join our group, please e-mail me.  Our group is just starting and I will be putting together an itinerary this weekend so don’t delay 🙂  If you are interested in starting a group in your area, just click on Pilgrim Queen of the Family

PPS – For a nice rosary coloring page click here.  It is a picture of a rosary with the names of the prayers by the beads.  Pippin has a hard time using real beads, but he enjoyed coloring each bead in as we prayed.

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