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December 31, 2007

Chers Amis,

Rain, glorious rain!  How I have prayed for the sound of thunder and overflowing gutters!  We received at least 4.5-5 inches of rain since Christmas – saving 2007 from being remembered as ‘driest year on record.’ Instead, it was the second driest year in Georgia history.  We were still short 19 inches and are still in a stage 4 drought.  But, it rained!  It rained! Yesterday, Caddie and Scarlett suited up in their sweatpants, aqua socks (water shoes), and jackets to brave the chilly downpour and spash around, flinging soggy leaves at each other and the dog. You would have thought they were going to Disney W*rld they were so ebullient!

I couldn’t help but think back to parched August when  I wrangled with officials about the lack of rain. You know, the only thing worse than living in a drought and dealing with water
restrictions is writing a check to FEMA for FLOOD INSURANCE!!!
According to FEMA, a very small corner of the rear of our property is
in a 100 year flood zone from the creek. Out house is no where near
that area, but we must pay flood insurance yearly.  So, I tried to reason with the authorities, but they insisted that until we have survey
work done not only for our home, but also for the creek (which is NOT
on our property) to the tune of several K$, we have to pay up. "But, we
are in a 200+ year drought!  Why do I have to pay it this year? Plus, if it is an unstudied creek, how do YOU know it might flood?
"  No answer.  Sigh.
Scribble check. Moan silently and pray for more rain.

Rain it did and I hope it keeps coming. Please, Lord.  More rain.



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