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Geography: Pin Maps en couleur

October 15, 2007

Atlas Chers Amis,

We are starting week 10 this morning!  I can hardly believe it!  Pippin is in first grade this year and I decided to center our rabbit trails on geography to lend it a bit more structure.  He loves it.  We have been working on Australia and Oceania.  I have a nice list of books I will share later, but I thought I would share a nice resource and our version of the pin map.  I purchased this Kingfisher Student Atlas at a Scholastic  Books Warehouse sale several years ago and had forgotten that one of its best features is that it includes a CD with 40 printable maps. (You can see the CD through the cover.)  I had tried printing maps a few years ago and became frustrated because they are not annotated.  "What good is a map without the words?"  They are perfect for Montessori style pin maps because they show all the landforms and territorial borders –  just w/o place names. So I was inspired.  I am please with how it turned out.

Here is our Australia pin map.  I printed the Australia map on card stock, laminated it and glued it to a piece of foam board.  Next, I made a table of countries, cities, states, territories, oceans,
100_1779eas, rivers, landforms, and landmarks that we have discussed. Since we have been working on the land form cards, I tried to select an example of each type, i.e. a gulf, lake, archipelago, straight, plateau, etc. No isthmus to be found 😦  Once printed on full page stickers,  I cut out the nomenclature stripsDownload australian_nomenclature.wpd

  and folded them around the heads of push pins.  If you click on the photo you can see I coordinated the font color with the type of feature and pin color to help with identification.  For example, all names of water
features are written in blue and placed on a blue pin.   

With the pins were labeled, I poked each pin into it’s correct location leaving a clear pin hole and then lined them up along the margins in two rows. I printed a second copy of the map and mini nomenclature 100_1782stickersDownload australian_nomenclature_mini.wpd

, laminated the map, placed the stickers over the correct area, et voila ,a control sheet.  Here is a picture of Pippin working away on his pin map.  He has mastered Australia already so we are off to Asia!  Good thing I bought a big container of pins.


PS –  I think I misspelled "Great Australian Bight" as Blight on the cards so if you use the document, change it.  Sorry!

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  1. October 16, 2007 11:25 am

    The pin map is wonderful Marjorie, this looks like so much fun!! I think the Kingfisher is the next addition to our library, we LOVE all their books 🙂

  2. October 17, 2007 10:44 pm

    Oh, I love your pin map! Thanks for the detailed instructions. I’d seen people make these pins before, but I couldn’t figure out how to do it. I’m going to give this a try!!! Thanks!

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