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The Thrill of New School Clothes

July 13, 2007

100_1514Chers Amis,

OK.  I bit the bullet this week and started REALLY making purchases for the 2007-2008 school year. (I bought our Saxon 6/5 books on eBay last month). Day before yesterday, in the glorious pouring rain, we headed to the Uniform Depot for new school clothes  – uniforms!  I can’t believe I left wearing uniforms off my Best of List because they are a sanity saver.  Uniforms entered the picture chez nous when Caddie entered kindergarten at our parish Catholic elementary school.  The following year, when I started homeschooling Scarlett for K , Caddie was still at St. Cs –  and I had her hand-me-down navy skorts and shirts for Scarlett to wear.   Even after Caddie joined us at home for 2nd grade, I continued requiring uniforms for school.   The kids LOVE them. Really.  If you give Caddie the choice between wearing her uniform or a nice outfit she’ll choose her skort and polo every time! 

Uniforms help set the tone.  The kids know if they are in uniform it is school time.  I don’t have to wrangle with anyone on whether or not he or she can wear a favorite  ‘hole-y’ jeans shorts or well worn ‘Insect Alphabet’ T-shirt again.  I don’t have to try to find ‘appropriate’ clothes that don’t try to make the girls look 18 or Pippin, sloppy. When we are in public for an outing, it is obvious that we are schooling that day and not truant.   At least it gives the illusion of order 🙂 

So what do they wear?   Navy or khaki skorts, pants or long shorts (August in Hotlanta) with a polo shirt.  Each year we choose at least one new color.  This year we picked forest green and burgundy with a matching hair band for Scarlett. They also wear a red polo for their Wednesday co-op and I am on the look out for long sleeve purple or lavender polos for Advent and Lent.  Now for the books!


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  1. July 14, 2007 8:47 am

    Oooh, I love this idea. I feel like we’ve missed out not wearing uniforms. I was going to put together some sweet plaid skirts for the fall. I talked to another HS mom who had her child wear uniform looking clothes b/c it kept people from asking annoying questions, assuming the child went to private school. What a great idea!

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