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Sisters Weekend Extraordinaire

July 2, 2007


Chers Amis,

Can you believe it is July already?  This summer is blazing by.  We haven’t taken an official family vacation, but I have been on the road for back to back weekends and everything in between has been a blur! Weekend #1 was such the perfect girls get together in Biloxi, MS with my wonderful, hilarious sisters from Texas, YLS and Sisdoc (they chose those monikers, not I:-).  Sisdoc , a  USAF pediatrician, was TDY in Biloxi for 4 weeks so YLS (‘your littlest sister’) and I flew into Gulfport, 100_1469Mississippi to keep her company  and  to indulge in a  true sisters get away sans enfants to celebrate sisterhood and my big 4-0.  Quelle  horreur!  No  kidlets?  Mais oui!(OK, the weekend was punctuated by a series of phone calls home, but that doesn’t count) It was the only time we have  gotten together  just us girls outside of funerals/weddings since we grew up. (Have we grown up?) What a GREAT weekend!!!!!!!!  After much hugging and squealing at the airport arrival area, we made a quick stop at the outlet mall for some summer shopping.  None of us are shoppers, thus the dearth of decent shorts and shoes without major holes (Sisdoc!) and the real necessity to actually buy clothing.  Do other moms find it REALLY hard to spend money on themselves?  We found we need at least two of us together to make a purchase w/o considerable guilt. Just an observation.

100_1463 We did decide to splurge and stay at the 4-diamond Beau Rivage Hotel and Casino on the waterfront.  As someone more used to  the Hampton Inn, it was very luxurious and more than once we told each other we could get used to this  🙂 We were all a bit hesitant to stay in Biloxi after all the damage done by Hurricane Katrina, but the Beau has been completely renovated and is really a showplace.   The hotel lobby itself boasts soaring skylights and marble mosaics and is lined with showy flower beds, trendy boutiques,and cafes in a mall-like atrium.  The casino is ever present, if tasteful and carefully set off from the lobby.  The ‘ding-ding’ of the slot machines, a constant reminder of the true purpose of the hotel – gambling.  I must admit we did gamble – a total of $3 in the slot machines which we never could master. It was strange to see how mesmerized hundreds of others guests were by the repetitious siren call and flashing lights.

We spent a fab morning sipping coffee, munching croissants, and people watching at the Roasted Bean before taking up residence under a blue and white cabana at the pool overlooking the gulf.  No, we never actually got in bathing suits, wSalone just soaked in the sunshine poolside and talked, and talked, and talked .. . That what sisters do when they have been apart too long. We toyed with going to the spa for a massage, but as they were totally booked YLS and I helped convince Sisdoc to go to the salon where she actually got her hair done!
Very chic coiffe!  No whiff of desert camo or the ER there! After the stories Sisdoc told us of the war and the difficulties experienced by  our service men and women both deployed and on the home front, I co100_1452uld see she needed this weekend more than YLS or me.  (Please keep our soldiers and their families in your prayers.  They are very much in need of our support.  Oh, the tales she told . . .)

The afternoon breezes beckoned to the quaint  little town of Ocean Springs where we strolled and window shopped through the historic downtown.  Ocean Springs was also hit hard by Katrina, but it has revived and the stores and restaurants were lovely.  Here are my two sisters on the frontSisters porch of one shop.  Cheese! If you are considering a trip to the Gulf Coast, check out the June edition of Southern Living Magazine.  They have a great article on Biloxi, Ocean Springs, Bay Saint Louis and other seaside towns that merit a stop.  Saturday nite we all dressed up and went out for a fancy dinner at The Olives restaurant and then went up on the roof garden by the pool and  gazed at the stars – and talked more 🙂 Here we are after dinner. That’s me in the middle:-) Sunday meant morning mass at the Cathedral of the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  My sweet non-catholic sisters came with me. How great was that!

After a beautiful brunch we walked along the beach (brown, ick!) and packed our bags for the coming departures. Farewell, Beau.  It was wonderful.  It was heartening.  It was the best of times despite the inevitable goodbyes.  I HATE goodbyes.  I usually just say, "See you later" and choke back hot tears.  Parting is not ‘sweet sorrow, ‘ it is a burning, tearing pain and as I try to be the not overly emotional oldest sister, I have to place myself in denial.  I am good at denial. It is my middle name. So for now we will focus on getting together again soon avec enfants, hoping Sisdoc will not be deployed, and making reservations for next year.  Can you say Grove Park Inn? 

– Marjorie (who is still in denial)

PS –  Here is a stunning video shot from the parking garage of the Beau Rivage during the storm. It is the most amazing testament to the sheer power of the  storm surge and wind and well worth a view! 

PSS- photos of pool, salon and logo of the coffee shop grace a le Beau’s site.   

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  1. July 2, 2007 6:19 pm

    Oh Marjorie, that looked so fun! The Grove Park Inn is very cool as well. I haven’t been there since I was a teenager, but it made quite an impression on my cynical, angst ridden self.

  2. July 4, 2007 8:33 am

    Happy Birthday Marjorie! That looks like such a fun weekend. I love sister time.

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