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Nest Watch – Rufus-sided Towhee

June 18, 2007

100_1435Chers Amis,

Our nest watch has begun – again.  This time there is a Rufus-sided Towhee in the holly bush by our front porch.  It is at the very top of the  shrub and is very easy to see.  This is unusual because  Towhees usually nest on the ground and only rarely  in a bush or tangled vine.  The girls have named her Coco and are keeping close watch on ce petit nid. Towhees with their sweet "Drink your teeeeee" call are a family favorite.  We love to watch them shuffle noisily through the leaves in search of insects. We took this picture yesterday afternoon when Mama was not to be found.  I was a bit worried that she might not return given the great interest in her clutch, but voila!  There she was this Rufusmorning nestled in the tiny pine straw cup.  She left again around 8:30, revealing a second egg.  Scarlett’s theory is that Coco does not need to incubate the eggs during the heat of the day and thus left when the temperature hit 75 degrees.  She bases this on watching the two Northern Cardinal nests earlier in the spring.  We shall see.  According to our research, on average females lay  2-6 eggs which hatch in 10-12 days.  The young fledge and leave the nest 8-10 days later.  We will add a "nest watch" sidebar later today.  I probably should also include the Carolina Wren who has taken up residence in my hanging planter right next door to the towhee and the praying mantis ootheca in the back holly.  So many nests!  Such fun.

— Marjorie

PS – If you are interested in nests and missed our March post click here.  I have pictures of previous nests and useful links to identification resources and games.

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  1. kristin permalink
    June 30, 2007 12:18 pm

    Did you know they’ve “officially” changed the name of the rufous-sided towhee to the eastern towhee? I like the original name better.

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