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A Walk among giants – Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest

June 18, 2007

100_1322The air is like a butterfly
With frail blue wings.

The happy earth looks at the sky
And sings.
–   Joyce Kilmer, Spring

Chers Amis,

A forest may a cathedral be, when bathed in verdant light and100_1310 columned by ancient giants, when the mists of river incense rise from rushing waters singing praise. There is a holiness of place and time when you encounter God’s work untouched, unmaimed, unblemished by Adam’s folk Joyce Kilmer Memorial Forest in Western North Carolina is such a space. This stand of virgin cove hardwood trees is a living memorial to poet Joyce Kilmer who is best remembered for his classic poem "Trees.."  We spent a magical afternoon during 100_1314our recent camping trip to North Carolina walking the easy 2-mile loop though the old growth forest.  Tulip poplars over 400 years old towered above us and the ground was carpeted with woodland wildflowers. 
I felt like a little girl again, so full of wonder. Caddie and I were mesmerized by multitude of ferns, mosses, and unknown plants.  Trillium100_1320_2 and Jack-in-the-Pulpit bloomed beside a tiny stream, partridge berries clung to hillsides, brilliant bracket fungi defied gravity, and five inch long millipedes scurried through the leaf litter.
  The fluting voices of Wood thrushes floated through the boughs above us as we ran from tree to tre100_1319e, measuring its girth with linked arms. The largest boasted a circumference of  three adults and three children stretched taunt.  Others were hollow and all three children could squeeze within, begging Daddy to join them inside.  What a wonder-ful walk. Don’t miss this hidden treasure.


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