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Do Not Try This at Home!

May 7, 2007

Chers Amis,

    "Do not try this at home" or "Reasons I have not posted lately."  Mes amis, we have had a series of house issues come up last week  that required attention, the electric company, contractors and a good deal of prayer.  I noticed last Wednesday or Thursday that a piece of siding on our chimmney had come loose and something appeared to be falling out of the exposed area.  Could it be a birds’ nest or worse, a wasp nest?  Binoculars were necessary to make out the problem – crumbling plywood or particle board.  When I showed my dh, he pointed out that the electrical lines to the house were drooping because the anchor supporting them had torn loose.  Call Electric company.  Dh was correct, the I-bolt must have been improperly installed 30 years ago et voila!  a heavy tree limb or wind had yanked it free, taking a chunk of wall with it.  Unfortunately the electric company does not repair this part of the lines and a contractor would have to replace the bolt. $$$. They recommended a good contractor (thank you!!!) who promptly came out and
put in a new I-bolt Friday and scheduled an appointment for Tuesday to come back, turn off out electricity and fix the wiring. This is when I want to append my post’s titile to ask, "WWAWD."  "What would a woman do?"  This? NO!

Ent100_1218er my dearest love – and a rented chainsaw on a stick’.   We have a large (60ft+) tree on that corner of the house that has leaned so far out in its search for light that it was virtually leaning on the house.  Every time the wind blew you could hear it assaulting the chimney.  DH decided that since the lines were already a little loose and the tree service wants a minimum of $1000 to take down the tree, he would climb up on th100_1220e peak(3 floors above ground) of the house (start heart palpitations) and trim back the offending limbs.  This he did, quite nicely until one (see pix) fell the wrong way and took DOWN ALL of our lines – electric, phone, cable. Oops. Believe it or not we did not lose electric or phone so I was able to call our electric co-op and ask them to com100_1219e back out and restring the wires.  That was Saturday.  So Sunday must have been quiet, right?  NOT!  DH had noticed two HOLES in the chimney leading right into our attic, so back to the Depot went he with Scarlett,
supposedly to find a new towel bar.

Does this look like a towel bar to you?  Mais non, 100_1232 it is an extendable ladder.  DH proceeded to  extend it to its full length so as to replace the fallen cedar siding planks that had been pulled out when the lines fell. Oh, there is nothing that warms a woman’s heart like seeing her beloved 40+ feet in the air using a power drill! I did convince him not to try restringing the telephone lines by contacting their repair dept.  With all that free time on his hands, why not move the rented ladder to the back yard and prune all the dead limbs off the pine next to the garage?  And of course you should climb up in the attic, lean over the abyss of the chimney shaft and re-anchor some siding too. All the while I was imploring the powers that be to watch over him.  If you looked up ‘tenacious’ in the dictionary, you would find a photo of my husband – hopefully in one piece.  Tenacity is a fine quality that I love and admire, but sometimes. . . I’m just glad when he is on the ground and all rental equipment has been returned.  I must admit the house does look much better, but I bet his guardian angel is exhausted!

— Marjorie

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