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Burning Silo and the Blogger Bio Blitz

April 25, 2007

Cher Amis,

Some days I just revel in the Internet, in the serendipitous connections it creates.  As Caddie and I were surfing around looking for information on crayfish (post to come!), we happened upon the most beautiful nature blog called Burning Silo: a place where nature, photography and writing meet. It is written by a writer, photographer, naturalist living in on a farm surrounded by woods in Ontario, Canada.  It is like reading a gorgeous PhD level, nature notebook illustrated with National Geographic quality photography.  This week, in tandem with National Wildlife Week she has been taking part in the Blogger Bioblitz where:

"Bloggers from across the country will choose a wild or not-so-wild area
and find how many of each different species – plant, animal, fungi and
anything in between – live in a certain area within a certain time."

Her reporting has been fabulous, detailing her daily walks through forest, bog and field.  It is too early for me to do it justice so you will have to check it out yourself.  She also has great links to citizen science watch programs for everything from lichen to spiders and extensive links for species ID.  What a find!

— Marjorie

PS- No I am not a Blogger Bioblitzer, I just liked their graphic and the idea of the program.  Maybe next year 🙂

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