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National Wildlife Week – April 21-29

April 20, 2007

National Wildlife Week - April 21-29, 2007

Chers Amis,

Have you seen brown-headed nuthatches nesting in your area?  Are your milkweed or purple passion flowers in bloom? Have you hear turkeys gobbling or seen fireflies flashing?  Take a good look and listen, get outside and celebrate!  National Wildlife week starts tomorrow, Saturday, April 21 and runs until the 29th.  The National Wildlife Federation is asking citizens (especially nature crazy home schoolers:-) to watch for wildlife in their backyards and to report their findings.  Visit the Wildlife Watch website and click on your state.  You will be taken to a page with state specific wildlife events to watch for and a link to register and report your findings.  It is similar to the Great Outdoor Bird Watch.  There is also a link to a long term Frog and Toad watch if you are truly wild about amphibians – we are 🙂 Happy Watching!


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  1. April 20, 2007 10:29 pm

    Hey Margorie,
    Thanks for the great Wildlife info. We missed the Great Backyard Bird Count, so I hope to be able to participate in this.

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