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I’m Off!

February 22, 2007

Chers Amis,

Enfin! The Lenten season has arrived and it is time to quiet our hearts so we can hear God’s whisper in this desert.  I am trying to shift gears, turn off the motor and walk more silently, more solemnly to Calvary this year. And yet my heart is so eager to be with Him, I have to remind myself to be reverent and calm and  not to skip and run ahead.   Yesterday’s ashes should help us focus our souls on the journey,the green and white have been packed away and the somber, regal purple has returned to our little altar shelf.

But I have been telling myself all week to be still, and wait. Wait for that Wednesday purple. Wait for Thursday, glorious Thursday  when I will be leaving the happy craziness of notre moulin amidst showers of kisses and last minute hugs for three days of silence and reflection. And here it is – my annual pilgrimage up I85  to my Rivendell, a retreat house on a sunny hillside in the North Georgia woods.  This will be my seventh year of making the drive and I can hardly wait. It is like coming home, I want to run up the porch steps, fling open the front door and yell, "Here I am, Lord!" But that would wreck the quiet and disturb the mockingbirds – not to mention the other ladies hurrying find their room numbers, stow their bags and head to the little chapel.  I love that chapel with a tiny stained glass window of the Ascension.  I love the Stations of the Cross that wander through the forest.  I love the candles that glow on either side of the simple monstrance during Saturday nite’s benediction and burn through the dark during adoration.  I love being able to sneak up the stairs in my slippers and robe if the Holy Spirit moves me to make an early morning visit.  I love the silence. I love the meditations and sacraments, the tiny mass, the a capella voices.  I love the time with Christ.  Time when I can REALLY  feel his presence and hear Him.  It is a quiet, sacred interlude with Him.  No kumbaya.  No sitting around a campfire or holding hands or sharing.  Just time with Him .  I can’t wait!  Time to finish packing.  Bye!!! Kisses!

— Marjorie

PS -I will be praying for all of you this weekend – like it or not!

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  1. February 22, 2007 11:32 am

    Enjoy this special time, Marjorie. I will pray for you, too!

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