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Not One but Two!

February 20, 2007

Chers Amis (and fellow birdwatchers),

What a morning!  We saw not one, but TWO pileated woodpeckers tap-tapping away, high up in one of the pines in our front yard.  Of course it was Caddie who saw it first and came screeching into the dining room where I was trying to get a study of longitude and latitude going.  How it is she sees an obscure woodpecker 50 feet up in a pine tree OUTSIDE the house and can’t see the khaki skort in her tiny closet?   Hmm.  My dh is home this week and I wonder if he was surprised to see the three girls in his life simultaneously reach for the binoculars and rush upstairs to my bedroom for an up close view.  Unfortunately, the bird had moved from his perch,  but Caddie grabbed the binocs and ran back down the stairs and  outside against my advice and command.  I went down to reprimand her and found her out front having spotted the large black and white bird, his red crest bobbing against the bark.  To yell and correct or to ask for the binoculars? OK, I caved – I wanted to see the bird! Bad mom. Just then, he took off and we saw another pileated woodpecker fly off with him!  A breeding couple?  Scarlett, who had obediently remained in my bedroom looking out the window, almost ran into us as we rounded the corner of the house.  "Did you see that, Mom?  There are two of them!!! Two!!!"   Magnificent. Oh! we hope they will stick around and raise a family.  They are so stunning – and large!  We did get back to our geography this morning, but it wasn’t nearly as exciting to locate 135 degrees North Latitude as those gorgeous birds. I hope they return. 

— Marjorie

PS – We might have another nature report later, Caddie, Scarlett and DH are down at the creek.  Caddie found four salamanders with eggs the other day and they went to get pictures!

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