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Desert Stories – creative writing idea

February 20, 2007

Dune02Chers Amis,

Tomorrow starts our Lenten Journey, our trip through the desert.  Here are two desert stories that Caddie and Scarlett wrote for tomorrow’s Creative Writing Co-op class.  Their assignment was to write a very short story (two paragraphs) about traveling alone through the desert at the hottest part of the day without using the words heat, hot, warm or warmth.  They had to give the idea of desert heat by describing their experiences. This could be a fun writing exercise at your house. Tell about building a snow fort or sledding without using the word cold or freezing or write about swimming without using the word wet.  Try it out and share your results!

— Marjorie

Can you tell which girl wrote which piece? ( Hint – Caddie is my nature nut)

My Desert Journal
The desert can be a lonely place, especially on a blazing summer day.  Let me explain. I have been travelling in the desert for three days and my camel Masha is stubborn most of the time.  I only brought a blanket, a 12-gallon water pack, eight week’s garments, lots of food and a fire starter kit.  My mouth and tongue are very dry and there are almost no plants in this desolate place.  I am very tired and dreadfully thirsty.  My water supply is running out; I only have five gallons left. Will this be enough?  I am looking for wild plants and creatures that I can eat to save food. Masha is hungry too.
The next day – My camel found succulent plants with a creamy buttery taste this morning.  They are wonderfully juicy and not bad with spices.  This evening I am very pleased because I found a small spring of water.  This was very lucky for this afternoon I had run out of water. Oh well. I arrived in Salleni, my destination, today.  I am very grateful and I am right on time.  Now that my journey full of hardships is over, I will be starting my research on desert creatures.  On my return I will bring more water.  I have learned my lesson.

A Day in the Desert

She was trapped in a barren land and not a living thing around for hundreds of miles. Her feet were baking on the grainy sand like a turkey baking in the oven and her tongue was a dry as a burnt biscuit  She knew by this time that she was hopelessly lost and totally confused by the basting land around her.  The only clear thought she could think was about finding water.  But then, suddenly she saw a glimpse of blue, but it was slightly blocked by the roaring sun.  At once she knew that it was water.  She bounded very quickly and jumped!  But then she  stood up and noticed it was just a mirage. 

End of Chapter One

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