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Wet Paint – an Update

February 8, 2007


Chers Amis, 

Have you been wondering whatever transpired with the wet paint story?  Did it ever dry?  Was it another salmon disaster?  Have the drop cloths and rollers been exiled to the shed? Yes, no and no way.

First, I should correct a misconception about this End of Football Season Home Improvement Campaign at le moulin.  It wasn’t my idea.  It was my very organized, workaholic, efficient, hubbie’s.  Watching football is his only distraction. Even that he does via Tivo, recording a few good games to watch when he is not fixing the hot tub/gutters/computer etc., taking children bike riding or scampering down to the creek.  Personally, I would really like to be lazy on weekends, mais non. Pas chez nous. So, it will be Home Improvement Season for several more months.  This is not a bad thing as the house is turning 30 this year and showing her age, especially on her walls.

Voila! Yes, our master bedroom is freshly painted. (Note to self:  do not assume that your idea of neutral/ivory/taupe is the same as dh’s.  Insist on paint chips or open can prior to starting. Smile regardless of color, no grimacing!)  FYIlight pebble  is much closer to white than you might think. Never judge a can of paint by its cover. I would have preferred a bit MORE color, but it looks much cleaner and the large paint-less areas tonsured by  the rocking chair have been patched, sanded and re-painted. We moved the bed over by the windows to take advantage of the view of the front woods and put up a few botanical prints. The curtains need serious adjusting but overall it looks brand new! (For a more accurate view of this room use your imagination and  muss up the sheets,dump 100_1042the pillows on the floor, coat the surface of le lit with two loads of mostly folded laundry, and bounce up and down 13 or so times to mix.  That looks more like it!)

As you can see from the still life on our back deck, we are in full painting season and will be so for months to come. We still have the hall, the stairwell, the downstairs bath and most of all – the kitchen to go. The kitchen has the added problem of decrepit wall paper, half-removed by Pippin at age 2. Oh, and then we move to the deck.  See the gray?  This is the year to strip, sand and paint.  And then there is the deck and our new windows to stain . . . It will be a long season before the "Hotlanta" summer "paint-offs" bring it to an end.  But won’t it look great!

— Marjorie

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